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Heartnet's slogan is Moving Towards an Economy of Health:

The key words here are "moving", "economy" and "health".

Moving implies that there must be a movement: a transition; a quickening of pace and perception, a change in the way something is understood, processed, or said. Our approach understands that our holistic range of activities and innovative way of doing things enables "moving" from an old space of oppression, myopia or insignificance, to a new chapter of liberation, expression and realisation.

Economy: too often there is an attempt to find solutions to issues without framing the overall struggle within the broader context of the economy and socio-economic hegemonies. Economy shapes an entire way of living, of representation, of meaning, and without being able to reshape and restructure this core, there can be no true change. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed the vulnerable spot of society. Health globally is under invested in. Economies are based around production and consumption. Our programmes are built around a core of public health.

Health: is inclusive of physical, mental, socio-economic, emotional, creative, and ecological aspects. No change is possible without understanding the broader model of health.

Mission Statement:  Promoting collaborative efforts between various NGOs, community based organisations, community members and all relevant institutions and organisations, focused on progressive and innovative programmes which have the capacity to make a sustainable impact on society, transforming the human-ecological environment for the better.

Vision: Creating a more equitable and healthy society, where health incorporates physical, mental, socio-economic and environmental health.

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